My name is Marie Malyon, but feel free to call me Rie. I am a 21 year old book worm living in Hampshire, England. I am best described as a chatter-box, book-worm, computer-nerd, and marketing-guru!

On this blog I post reviews on the things I love – mainly books. If I read, watch or listen to something I will review it an let you know what I think.

My favourite genre is undoubtedly supernatural fiction, but I also love a bit of mystery, detective, tiny bit of horror and who doesn’t love a harmless bit of Chic-Lit every now and then?

So if this sounds like something you might enjoy reading please feel free to stick around have a look at some of my reivews. I am always on the look out for books I might enjoy or even films and TV series to keep me entertained on winter nights so please give any suggestions in the comments or by sending me an email to marie.malyon@gmail.com.

Thank you for coming along to my little blog and having a read, and don’t forget to comment and share on the content you like.

Love Rie x


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