Bookish Wonders #2 – Book Nerd Accessories

This second post in my Bookish Wonders series is all about book nerd jewellery. After finding a picture of the Library Necklace on the Book Riot website I fell in love. But after a feverish hunt of the interweb I was left heart broken. At $340 (£215) these are well out of my price range. But fear not I have found some super cute and a lot more affordable bookish jewellery for you to browse!
I have officially fallen in love Library Necklace. Can I borrow $340 off someone please?!
Antique Bookshelf Necklace by Coryographies (Made to Order)
These mini bookshelves are made to order and super cute! And at on £25 a pop I think they are a bargain!
Three book necklace, decorative leather journals on silver coloured chain.
I found these little beauties on Etsy for just £12.50! This Three Book Necklace is adorable.
Dangle earrings, red/brown leather books
Of all the jewellery I have found, I think these have to be my favourite! These Book Earrings are right up my street – LOVE! And at only £8.37 I think you can expect to see me modelling a pair of these very soon. 
Mini Leather Journal Necklace with Skeleton Key - Mini Book Pendant
Fully functional Mini Leather Journal Necklace OMG! And only £15.82?!?! How do these people make a profit?
This little home made Hunger Games Necklace from Australia and so cute. But with only 6 left on this ebay store and only £14.07 I fear that these may sell out very soon.
These Harry Potter Book Necklaces are from a seller on ebay and I think  they are perfect for a HP Nerd like me!
Even better they are only £3 each or £21 for the full set!

I have no idea what the quality of these Twilight Book Necklaces is but at £3.50 each I think they are so cool.
Maybe a little too much tho!

So what do you think? Is book jewellery a super cute fashion accessory for a book worm? Or a little to much like a book fetish?!

Thanks for reading, 
Love Rie x

7 thoughts on “Bookish Wonders #2 – Book Nerd Accessories

  1. Wow, some of that stuff is so cool. I love the three book necklace and the earrings! Now have yet another thing to spend time looking for and spend money on, sigh……

  2. Hi no problem Pippa, thank you for making them :DI would love to know how long does it take you to make them? I have just had an email to say the earrings I ordered from you last night have been dispatched, so impressed with the speed. I can't wait to receive them. Thanks for popping by :)Love Rie x

  3. I found Etsy to have so many of them, its well worth checking out. I do agree tho finding this cool is going to be bad for my bank balance!

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